Hello! Here is prototype of my dictionary. Let me call it "Tori".
The content of this folder (and its subfolders) is copylefted, id est, you are free to use it while the authorship and the source are properely attribured. In order to be mode specific, the material can be reproduced under the GNU copyright license.
I should greatly appreciate your critics, suggestions and contributions (if any) sent by email or typed (or copypasted) at the discussion frame. Questions in English, Spanish, Russian or French will be answered. (The support in Japanese is not yet ready, but you may try Chiragana or, better, Romanji.)
The main working language is expected to be English, but I shall consider to include also some articles in Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Russian. This site is supposed to be always "under construction", but I try to keep in a usable state.
The following articles are already loaded:
Ackermann function (Russuan version: функции Аскермана)
Fascism (Russian version: Фашизм)
Gravitsapa (Russian version: Гравицапа )
Katyn 2 (Russian version: Катынь–2)
Mathematics (Russian version: Математика)
Marxism (Russian version: Марксизм )
Religion (Russian version: Религия )
Philosophy (Russian version: Философия )
Physics (Russian version: Физика)
Science (Russian version: Hayka )
time (Russian version: Время )
These articles have analogies in the dictionary "Vera", which can be considered as a draft and a sandbox for "Tori"; the index of Vera is at http://zhurnal.lib.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/000abc.shtml

Supplement materials:
http://www.ils.uec.ac.jp/~dima/D/MathematicalProblems.htm some mathematical problems
http://www.ils.uec.ac.jp/~dima/D/SASHU/ documents about the Sayano–Shushenskaya dam (in Russian)

You may suggest your article. The contributions from students, in particular, about problems (and/or their solutions) on mathematics or Laser Science, are especially welcomed.
Dec 2009-Jan 2011, Dmitrii Kouznetsov.

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