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Katyn 2 is name of the crash that is believed to be mass murder, analogy of the mass murder of polish soldiers by soviet veterans in Katyn in the beginning of the World War 2. Up to summer of year 2010 it is not cleat that happened with the airplane Tu-154M with polish representatives (including Lech Kaczynski and his spose) broken in 2010 April 10 in Smolensk.
The moment of the crash is not known. First, it was reported to happen at 8:56am. After a week, the official version had been changed to 8:41am. Several other estimates for the moment of the crash (8:50am and 9:00am) were also published.
It is not clear how many times the airplane tried to land. First, four intents were reported; after a week, the investigation agreed that the the airplane felt at the first intent (Which sounds more true-like). Other values of the number of attempts to land were expressed by the Russian officials (3-4, 3 and 2) were also indicated by the representatives of the Russian Federation.
The altitude of the destruction of the airplane is not revealed. While the dispatcher had confirmed that the airplane follows the glissade, one can guess, that the destruction had happened at the altitude of order of 100 meters. This would correspond also the death of all the passengers and the crew members and the total destruction the body of the airplane for many parts (see the image). On the other hand, the Russian official investigation group claim that the airplane began to disrupt at the altitude of few meters, choking the trees.
The question, who organized the company of misinformation in the Russian mass media (blaming the pilots in the 4th attempt to land, ignoring the commands by the dispatcher) also left without answer.
In addition, the reports about robbery of the passengers belongings confirm the concept that the catastrophe was organized with the aim of plundering of the goods from the crashed airplane.
During two month of the investigation, the Russian official group of researcher had shown their inconsistency. Minister Shoigu had reported that the airplane crashed at the second intend to land; this contradicts the official version by the Russian investigation group. The key questions left unanswered, the conclusion [1] does not match the record of the talks of the pilots with the dispatcher [2], and even contain the internal contradictions. Also, one indicates the contradictions between indications by the dispatcher and those by the pilot of another polish plane landed before the crash [3]. Also, the Russian official group are suspected to hide several very important records about the event [4]. For these reasons, the international investigation is requested [5].

The interpretation of events, suggested by the Federal Russian committee, implies, that the dispatchers did not know, when the airplane disappeared from the screens of the radar, that they did not count the number of attempts to land the pilots did before to crash, that the airplane had lost its wing chocking the trees and then it could not only to fly a half–kilometer, but also to climb up for a hundred meters, required for the complete destruction of its body. Such a concept looks so fantastic, as the claims that the gravitsapa violates the Laws of Newton in the advertisement of the achievements of the Khrunichev's institute. The apparent sabotage of the official Russian research group provoked many concepts about the crash.

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