About Yoneda Lab

My group is interested in the interaction phenomena between laser and matter and their applications. Specially, by the use of ultrashort pulses of laser radiation, solid-density plasma and generation of terahertz radiation are currently research topics. We also investigate optical constants of laser and optical crystal and glass with broad wavelength range and create new type of optical database for them. Development of diamond device and application for fast and high-power switching are also investigated in my laboratory. I believe these broad scientific interests will connect to next new science and technologies in optical and laser science field.

For the Students

Experiments in the SCSS

In the Yoneda group, we received several natioanl projects. So, there is a case that students research would be published as a representative data of Japan. Therefore, you might use the only thing in Japan or the world. Please try to come and challenge those who are thinking of working in the Japanese national team.

Life in Lab

Laboratory is located in the Institute for Laser Science (ILS). The laboratory room is on the first floor and the students room is on the sixth floor of the ILS. The student room was significantly renovated in April 2012, and four laboratory students are using the same room.


We hold the seminar every Thursday from 18:00. Paper presentation and reporting weekly activities are the main topic of the seminar. And the seminar is conducted in English.

Machine shop practice

Four-year undergraduate students have a practive of machine tools every Saturday in the early period.