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a binary datum is currently operating out of tokyo.
copyright is preserved, but data is made available under the
eff open audio license so copying is fine.

:. tea dust lathe cut 7", takuji naka 7" ?
tba ...

:.. current releases on abd
:; mark sadgrove found record #1 6" corrugated clear plastic brute record
:; takahiro hirama sa-kuru 7" pale green fibre brute record
:; mark sadgrove fundamental / first harmonic 2 x 7" pale green fibre brute record nb: edition of 1 as a gift to andrew and helga on the ocassion of their wedding.
:; anthony guerra and mark sadgrove (editors) haki-sou fanzine
:; greymouth west coast rip CD
:; mark sadgrove + anthony guerra iron sand CD
:; anthony guerra lathe cut 10" (one or two left)
:; yaki udon band basho ate my heart! lathe cut 7" (one or two left)
:; un ciego vincennes monument/ kali gandaki lathe cut 7" (all gone)
:; mark sadgrove and sam hamilton shitty peephole lama kudos 8" lathe cut (all gone)
:; tim coster and mark sadgrove untitled (19:03) 3" cdr (all gone)
:; helga fassonaki covert Loadstones 7" lathe cut (all gone)
:; microclimate untitled 7" lathe cut (all gone)
:; mark sadgrove two rulers 7" lathe cut (all gone)

:...what is a brute record?

a brute record generates sound from (relatively) large scale movements of a record player stylus and/or from the material that the record is made of. the brute records here are all hand-drilled and the fibre records are patterned with a computer controlled miller. these records may cause damage to your needle (although all are tested before release) so please don't request one unless you are willing to take that risk.

:.... availability

offer a trade here. no longer accepting financial transactions for recorded music. a trade of any sort will be considered.