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:; 2006-10-03 Anthony Guerra and Akiyama Tetuzi live review (Review)
:; 2006-10-03 Tomokawa Kazuki live review (Review)
:; 2006-09-20 Mikami Kan live review (Review)
:; 2006-09-19 Week 0 (Record collection)

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:; 2006-10-23 Recorded music acquired in Tokyo (Updated 2006-10-23)

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:; 06-11-20 Listening to: Sun City Girls - "Folk songs of the rich and evil" L.P. Relentlessly horrible songs!There is something enticing about the dead-pan misanthropy of these seriously warped dudes. And if you take it seriously, it kind of makes the acoustic black metal thing look pretty impotent by comparison.
:; Reading: Thomas Pynchon - "Against the day" I read a review panning this book, the latest Pynchon Novel and despite the fact that I could see the reviewer's point and even agreed with him about Pynchon's writing style, I couldn't overcome the urge to buy this novel on sight. Pynchon is sometimes like a long tedious comic book without pictures. But however numerous his flaws are, I just love his imagination; recondite technical information is stirred into a mixture of absurd, obscene and downright stupid scenes. It's as though a sci-fi writer's or perhaps even a physics nobel lareate's imagination were channeled through a grubby adolescent mind full of avant-garde literary pretentions. Erm... yeah. It just resonates with me. Pynchon's writing is shallow entertainment of the most taxing kind, and it often directs my own imagination towards bizarre but refreshing folly.
:; 06-11-15 Listening to: Wire - "Kidney Bingos" 12'' E.P. Comment: "Come down" Wire? How do you join the dots between Pink Flag and THIS?
:; Reading: Rebecca West - "The harsh voice" (Still! Busy lately...) "... There is no conversation, only intersecting monlogues." (R. West).
:; 06-10-27 Listening to: Roy Montgomery - "Winter songs" 10'' E.P. Comment: Beautiful.
:; Reading: Nielsen and Chuang - "Quantum computing and quantum information" Comment: Fresh from Amazon. What a treat!
:; 06-10-23 Listening to: Patti Smith - "Horses" Comment: Break it up!
:; Reading: Rebecca West - "The harsh voice" Comment: American upper middle class malaise realist lit.