Alternative paragliding movies

Warning 1: Almost no science here. Will you consider to go back?
Warning 2: Watching of the movies below does not substirute the reading of the conventional manuals. landing flights since the beginning flights since the beginning some page strong wind small flight at Fuji Roux's first flight at Fuji (June 2009) Vlad's first flight at Fuji (June 2009) Dima's last flight at Fuji (June 2009)

The movie below is not about flights, it is about the new effect, discovered by my coauthor. You may consider it as a commetcial advericement, but it is beautiful effect. The color of light emitted by the Yb-doped ceramics changes dependently on the excitation. Bisson-effect Shoko snowboarding at the Royal Hill Dima kayaking at Izu
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