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http://www.ils.uec.ac.jp/~dima/FLY/2009ee.txt (Her magesty Street, by V.Mayakovsky and Dmitrii Kousnetsov, in Russian)
http://www.ils.uec.ac.jp/~dima/FLY/2009hokusai.txt (Ho san, by Dmitrii Kousnetsov, in Japanese
http://www.ils.uec.ac.jp/~dima/FLY/2009pisochi.txt (In Russian, update of the song by D.Actil)
http://www.ils.uec.ac.jp/~dima/FLY/2009suomi.txt (In Russian, update of the song by A.D.Actil)
http://www.ils.uec.ac.jp/~dima/FLY/KrasotkaSuomiVersionB.txt (In Russian, translation from Suomi)
http://www.ils.uec.ac.jp/~dima/FLY/2008voinak.txt Do Russians want a war? (Kouznetsov, in Russian)
http://www.ils.uec.ac.jp/~dima/FLY/2008krotovVoina.txt Do Russians want a war? (Krotov, in Russian)
http://www.ils.uec.ac.jp/~dima/FLY/2008KimGalichBrodsky.txt 90th jubilee of Galich (in Russian)
http://www.ils.uec.ac.jp/~dima/FLY/2009forgiveness.txt about a true Christian (in English)
http://www.ils.uec.ac.jp/~dima/FLY/TIM/12.html songs by A.Tim (in Russian)
http://www.ils.uec.ac.jp/~dima/FLY/ArkadyiBlinov.doc Arkadij Blinov (in Russian); copyleft license: http://www.ils.uec.ac.jp/~dima/FLY/ArkadyiBlinovLicen.txt
http://www.ils.uec.ac.jp/~dima/FLY/vno2.txt BHO, CKA3KA (in Russian)
http://www.ils.uec.ac.jp/~dima/FLY/2008lastword.txt Project of the last word (in Russian)
http://www.ils.uec.ac.jp/~dima/FLY/stern.txt poem about a star which felt inside itself (in Russian)
http://www.ils.uec.ac.jp/~dima/FLY/SternBlackhole.txt poem about a star which felt inside itself (in English)
http://www.ils.uec.ac.jp/~dima/FLY/2008shpana.txt poem about war and slang (in Russian)
http://www.ils.uec.ac.jp/~dima/FLY/2008ResolutionPro.txt, draft of the resolution about Russian-Georgian conflict
http://www.ils.uec.ac.jp/~dima/FLY/yulya01.html, Poetry by Yulya Kuznetsova (in Russian)
http://www.ils.uec.ac.jp/~dima/TXT , more non-scientific texts
http://www.ils.uec.ac.jp/~dima/RUSSIA (pain about Russia)
http://www.ils.uec.ac.jp/~dima/200712FLY/index.html (Flights December 2)
http://www.ils.uec.ac.jp/~dima/FLY/20071208/index.html (Flights December 9)
http://www.ils.uec.ac.jp/~dima/FLY/20080406FLY/index.html (2008, April 4, Daniel at Fuji san.

Reproductions of paintings by Kazimir Malevich

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