Presentations and slideshows by Dmitrii Kouznetsov

Update: July, 2008

Nice, 2008. Report. 2008nice.pdf


International symposium "Coherent Optical Science", 2007, December 15, University for Electro Communications.
P34. D.Kouznetsov. Boundary behavior of modes of Dirichlet Laplacian. Poster: 2007Dec15.pdf

COE Symposium on Photonics and Quantum Mechanics, 2007, December 1, Tokyo University of Agriculture.
P59. D.Kouznetsov, J.-F.Bisson. Scaling laws for disk lasers. (page 69)
Extended abstract: 2007COEdiskPro.pdf"
Graphical summary: 2007COEdiskSh.pdf"
P60. D.Kouznetsov. McCumber relation for media with different sites of active centers. (page 70)
Extended abstract: 2007COEmcPro.pdf"
Graphical summary: 2007COEmcPro.pdf"

Intenational workshop on quantum reflection(Harvard, 2007, October, 22-24).
Invited talk Zeno effect, ridged mirrors and atomic nanoscopy.
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Seminar of the Laboratoire de physique de la materie condencee. (Nice, 2007, October 12)
Invited talk Boundary behavior of modes of Dirichlet Laplacian and double-clad fibers.
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3d Laser Ceramics Symposium(Paris, 2007, October 9-11)
Oral presentaiton: Avalanche Quenching of Fluorescence and Broadband Emission in Yb3+:Y2O3 and Yb3+:Lu2O3 .
Poster: Scaling laws for disk lasers
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